My first time back…Event Photography

Well, I have been away for almost 8 months now! I had a baby boy in October 2017 and have been enjoying snuggling him. My first photography job back from my “maternity leave” was a an event at the Harbour Hotel in Southampton. WHAT A GORGEOUS VENUE!!! I couldn’t wait to get editing after three hours of coverage of the event. So here are some of my favourites:



*By request of the client, I have excluded images with people and names for the sake of privacy.


Classic & Chic Romsey Wedding

It’s not everyday that you get to photograph a simply beautiful wedding. This special day started with photos with close family and witnesses and concluded with a bustling reception in the comfort of the couple’s home!

Odette and Jon are meant to be together. They met online before it was a “thing” and it is clear how much they’ve grown to love each other more and more over the years.

My favourite aspect of this classic and chic wedding was the simple details: handmade paper flowers, handmade cake, hand-arranged flowers, handmade dress, and the intimate flair of having live music sung and played by a friend. I hope you enjoy several photos of my favourite moments.

Wedding Details:

Flowers:  Bouquet & Button Holes, The Flower Shop, Eastleigh
Wedding Dress: Skirt from Joy & Top from Alice Temperly
Groom’s Suit: Lee Alexander at Suited & Booted, Moorgate

Cake: Jane Love

Flowers in jars: Christine Parlsloe & Patricia Hope
Music: Various iPads/iPhones & Mollie Lee
Bunting: Loaned from The Sotonettes WI Southampton

Decorations: Handmade by the Bride

Pumpkins in Fall with Friends

Yes, I’m talking about delicious Pumpkin Pie, Spiced Pumpkin Lattes, Pumpkin-flavored donuts and the autumn season known as “Fall” to us Americans! Why do I mention this? Well, my daughter and I made a new friend a couple weeks ago. Maggie and I belong to an American Ex-Pats in Hampshire group and connected via Facebook. In desperation to hear a familiar accent, to talk about cultural differences, and basically talk about the wonder that is American culture, we met up and became friends immediately! I was so pleased to take some of her photos and have my daughter make a new friend 🙂


What to Wear to an Autumn Mini Session

I didn’t plan on writing a blog post about this, but my clients were so inspirational in their outfits that I want to take a moment to talk about it.

Usually, I ask all my clients to wear only White, Beige or Cream. They can add in an accent colour with accessories (mustard-yellow scarf, or blue boots, etc). But ONLY ONE accent colour. Why do I limit the colour possibilities? It guarantees that my subjects will match well with the background. The ONE accent colour also works well with the neutral colours as well as being flexible to take off (hence why you can have accessories in accent colours) if they don’t match well.

In comes the Pearson family. Meeting them was entirely impromtu. My booked clients were a bit late and this family perfectly colour-coordinated for an autumn shoot was just getting ready to take photos of themselves with their iPhones. In steps me–an outgoing American–offering to take their photos! I couldn’t miss this opportunity to take photos of this beautiful family and their rustic-red and mountain-green colours perfectly blended together with sandy-tan and burnt-brown staples (trousers, shoes, etc). Take a look at their photos below and be inspired to coordinate your family photos like them! You won’t go wrong 😉


Kayden’s First Christmas

Who doesn’t love babies? Well, once you see this one, you’ll want one for yourself! Kayden is a smiley, bouncy, happy baby who is celebrating his FIRST Christmas this year! At the sound of his mother’s voice, he giggled, wriggled, laughed, and smiled. The perfect baby. You can see the joy that emanates from his eyes and you can feel the pride of his mother in each photo. Although it’s only October, it makes me want to say, “Merry Christmas!”


Ubuntu Fashion Shoot

I had the privilege of helping my friends, Jemi and Melanie, with taking photos to promote their business! Jemi and Melanie are co-founders of Ubuntu Fashion, an authentic African brand that imports directly from Ghana and Tanzania that features culturally inspired fashion with handmade accessories ranging from tote bags, clutches to earrings and necklaces. Here are some of my favourite photos of their fashion shoot.


Christa + Matt’s Wedding

Christa is a good friend of mine; you may recognise her from some portraits I took of her when I started photography. Well, I had the honour of being in her wedding party! That makes it hard as a photographer, because you want to be sure that she has the most amazing photos of her wedding, but you also want to be IN the wedding and help her with all of the other details. So I found a way to take photos of her getting ready, the first look, and some shots of the reception; but nothing of the actual ceremony.